Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Story Behind Magic Halo

Frank Warnock (Admin, Magic Halo/Bird Feeder Halo) has been an advocate for walking, bicycling, and wildlife conservation his entire adult life. The idea to fight decline of native species was inspired by his (and other Advocate’s) devastating loss in trying to save 180 acres of critical habitat area, wetlands, and open space in Ogletown, Delaware. This occurred at the hands of Government corruption and profiteering, at the expense of threatened and endangered species, and can never be recovered. Such loss of biodiversity is directly responsible for declining native bird populations, while facilitating an increase in House Sparrows (HOSP) and other non-native birds.
As a Technical Specialist by trade, Frank has put his skills to work in order to assist other bird feeding enthusiasts. First was producing a 20" version of the "Magic Halo", a device that was originally invented at the University of Nebraska (pdf) to deter non-native House Sparrows (HOSP). Also in the works is a Starling-resistant peanut splits feeder.
Some of Frank's favorite affiliations over 35 years include the Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey, NY/NJ Trail Conference, Rails to Trails Conservancy, Wetlands Institute (NJ), Delaware Nature Society, etc.

We hope you find our services helpful in your endeavor to efficiently feed native American birds to the exclusion of non-native. We must work together toward a more resilient natural world. Please “Like” us here on Facebook and share with others for all the latest tips and strategies for feeding native birds while (hopefully) forcing non-native into decline.
R.I.P. Orphanage Property, critical habitat, wetlands, and open space being destroyed through Govt corruption, at the hands of  both New Castle County and the State of Delaware.

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