Saturday, January 29, 2022

Limited Magic Halo Money-Back Guarantee (policy)

A situation occurred recently where a customer purchased 3 Magic Halos, then due to efficacy issues, returned them for a refund. This is a reminder that new users should purchase one (1) Halo to start, in order to try it out first and make sure it works as expected. Though most of our customers are satisfied, survey feedback indicates that it doesn't always work for everyone. This may be purely contextual, or based on a number of factors that we continually try and explain. And of course, we have no way of knowing if these customers are confusing other brown birds. We continue appealing for feedback, and urge all buyers to participate in our survey.

Because of the above situation, if you purchase multiple Halos with no prior experience using the device, we can only offer a money back guarantee on one (1) Halo. You are welcome to return the others and we will assess their condition for possible refurbishment. If they can be refreshed and resold, we will consider a partial refund there as well. To qualify, you must be certain of less than 50% efficacy after 60 days of use, after troubleshooting with the recommendations in our User Guide. Shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

Please see our Disclaimer for further info about Halo efficacy, including how the device was invented, studied, and originally marketed. Thanks for your understanding  -Admin, MH

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