Monday, June 29, 2020

Possible leveling procedure for your Magic Halo

Due to loose tolerances in the mfg process of the hook and strap hanger used to hang your Magic Halo on a shepherds hook, it may not hang as level as it should (parallel with the ground). This is something we have little control over, but we are working on a permanent fix for all new Halos going forward.

The easiest workaround may be turning the Halo's feeder hook in a counter-clockwise direction, starting with an approx 1/8 turn. You can also try clockwise, IF there's room to tighten it. If this fails to correct it, try a 1/4 turn, and finally even a half turn (hook opening to the opposite direction).

One of these positions along the way should level off your Magic Halo. It will never hang perfectly level, but should get it close enough. If it is off by more than a few degrees and won't correct regardless, email us a photo so we can develop a fix for you:
Above: The Magic Halo feeder hook (chrome "Classic" model shown). This applies to both "Classic" and "Deluxe" models. Vinyl tip was introduced as a later modification (see HERE).

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Magic Halo Newsletter, Late Spring 2020

Web version HERE. Don't forget to enter to win a FREE Magic Halo Regal! Also in this edition, some interesting reading on the effects of wires in repelling birds.