Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Magic Halo Newsletter, Spring 2020!

Web version HERE.

Mod #2 Announced: Brome 30"+ Length Feeders

Extra long tube feeders
 were not originally considered when we started building Magic Halos in Jan 2018, given the distance from the halo to the lowest feeding station(s). This may negate any benefit of the "hoop" device itself. Also, the weighted ends of the hanging wires may fall at or above the lowest feeding station(s), making the Magic Halo less or ineffective overall.

That said, we haven't heard from any of our customers about the original 30" hanging wires being a problem for them, and we assume some are using these feeders. Regardless, we have decided to make wire extensions a free modification for users of extra long feeders, e.g. Brome Squirrel Solution 200 and Classic/Finch models. See graphic to the right.

For maximum HOSP (House Sparrow) deterrence, said wire ends/nuts should be at least 6" inches below -- preferably more. If yours do not, email us at: for extensions that you simply twist tie through each nut. Extensions and shipping are both FREE as long as you include a photo of your feeder w/halo. Note that as of 2019, all new halo orders have no-price difference with the option of 38" hanging wires, or even longer by special request.

Our 1st modification involved squirrel-proofing; we had a customer whose feeder disconnected from the hook when a squirrel climbed on top of the Halo and launched off upon being spooked. This pushed the crossbar down vertically, causing the feeder to slide off the hook's end. Since that time, all new Magic Halos come with a vinyl tip which will act as a "brake" to prevent that from happening. See our Autumn 2019 newsletter for details including a photo.