Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Magic Halo Newsletter, Autumn 2019

Web Version HERE. Lots of tips and updates in this edition, folks, so be sure to check it out.

Latest Testimonials, Fall 2019

I love how you packed the halos in all of the everyday bags and cardboard rolls. I recycled everything! It took two seconds to put the halos together. They are WONDERFUL!!!  ~ Victoria, Mission Viejo, CA

It really works like magic! No more sparrows, only songbirds. Thank you!!  ~Matt, Indianapolis, IN

It works great and has prevented flocks of sparrows from cleaning out all my feeders in a day. Yes, the occasional rebel braves the wires, but most of his or her buddies are content to eat whatever falls to the ground.  ~Bob, Providence, RI

Thank you so much! This item was perfect and arrived super fast!  ~Kim, Bolingbrook, IL

Thanks for restoring the joy of bird feeding that is diminished when all you attract are dozens of sparrows who take over the whole feeding station. ~Tom, Madison, NJ

Friday, September 20, 2019

Simple modification guards against feeder disconnect

Squirrel-proofing was not really considered when we started building Magic Halos in Jan 2018. However, we just heard from a customer that their feeder disconnected from the hook as a result. A squirrel climbed on top of the Halo, then launched off when spooked. This pushed the crossbar down vertically, causing the feeder to slide off the hook's end. Since that time, all new Magic Halos come with a vinyl tip which will act as a "brake" to prevent that from happening.

If you are having this issue, let us know at: