Saturday, January 26, 2019

Latest Testimonials

We are extremely satisfied with our halo. We live in a suburban development community with a large wooded city park across the street that has a river running through it. To the back of the house are three small lakes. No shortage of HOSPs! The halo has stopped all of them. ~Lesly, Indianapolis, IN

The one that we bought on Ebay is working miracles! Glad to have it! ~Carla, Farmingdale, NY

I am still experiencing 100% reduction in House Sparrows (HOSP). Yesterday I saw some "brownish" bird feeding in my caged feeder and I though oh no, they are back. The bird looked different. Then a few more showed up along with one with a red head. The House Finches are back. Things are working very nicely due to your product. Now I can hope for some Goldfinches! ~Paul, Eden Prairie, MN

A+ seller and amazing product. It's amazing how well it works! ~Frank, Congers, NY

It just flabbergasts me how well this thing works. 30 years of dealing with those buggers is now solved for 29 bucks. Thanks to you! ~Jim, Moorhead, MN

Works EXCELLENT. Nice workmanship. Bye Bye Sparrows! ~Chris, Maywood, NJ

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