Sunday, September 6, 2020

Tighten Your Strap! (if necessary)

We saw it recently where the strap hanger on the Magic Halo's crossbar began to loosen, with one or both anchoring screws lifting up from the threads. We are asking our customers -- especially long time users (~2018) -- to please inspect this part of your halo to ensure it is tightened properly. It is important because we don't want to worry about feeders crashing to the ground; many are delicately made and could be damaged in a fall.

We don't believe this is a common problem at all, but isolated. Still, it can't hurt to inspect yours just to make sure. If it is at all loose, gently tighten it down (both screws) with a philips head screwdriver, being careful not to over-tighten. If you want to doubly insure good purchase (thread security), you can also remove the strap completely and inject a couple of drops of your favorite super glue into both screw holes. This will solidify the threads that are in there. Wait an hour or so and then re-install the strap. Email us with any questions: 

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