Sunday, November 22, 2020

Hanging hardware will rust or tarnish (but not to worry)

We've had customer concerns regarding rust overtaking the Halo's hanging wire clips. At this time, there isn't much we can do about this issue. Other than their aesthetic appearance, functionality is not effected nor is it for other parts. This clip is the highest quality and most suited to our purpose of hanging weighted wires from the Halo, but it is chrome plated steel. We are not able to find a commercially available, weather-proof clip that is similarly sized and designed.

That said, if any of you are aware of a clip that you think could work, and maintain its appearance through the elements over years time, please email us at with a link. We are open to trying new components and offering additional options if the demand is there. Until then, we maintain our 3 year warranty on all parts of our Magic Halos regardless of location and weather conditions -- though we expect them to last longer even with rust discoloration.

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