Sunday, January 23, 2022

Magic Halo 3-years in Review

To start 2022 in a good direction, let’s recap the most critical articles of the past few years. Some of our customers have passed the 3-year warranty point of their Magic Halo, and should be mindful of the toll that the elements may take on it. We carry all replacement parts at lower cost than retail from e.g. Lowes or Home Depot, available just by emailing us. Replacement wire sets are already offered on our products page. We will also have a Halo tune-up and safety check video coming out with the Spring edition of our newsletter. In the meantime, please review these past titles for anything that may help your bird-feeding and Halo experience:
It is important to note
that Magic Halo is a conservation-minded cottage industry. We do everything we possibly can to minimize cost, and bring you this product at the lowest price possible. If you were to round up the parts individually at e.g. Lowes, it would cost you more to build one of this quality yourself – never mind the labor involved. Just the 24 AWG wire roll alone costs $6, for example. Therefore, we are very happy that we can bring this product to you -- and it arrives with minimal cost and assembly required!  😇

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