Monday, January 23, 2023

Why are House Sparrows averse to halos and lines?

From page 9 of the U oof Neb Study (pdf)
The #1 question everyone asks is "how does the Magic Halo work?" The closest analogy is human's fear of heights. For example, on the roof of a skyscraper, few people would venture to the very edge minus a strong desperation for something. There will always be a few that will, regardless, even with bravado.

According to page 9 in the paper Monofilament Lines and a Hoop Device for Bird Management at Backyard Feeders (PDF) from the University of Nebraska, House Sparrows (HOSP) are unique in their aversion to hoops and lines (i.e. halo devices) given an unusual risk assessment.

2023 is our 5th year of hand-building and selling a custom 20" version of the Magic Halo, designed for hanging feeders and within the radius of the standard 1/2" shepherd hook. Though not HOSP-proof, it has proven very successful. In that time, our own study and survey data match that of the UNB paper, at about 85% effective overall.

The successful Halo user knows and understands the following:

  • Halos and lines are HOSP-resistant, and as such, may not eliminate all HOSP from feeders.
  • To achieve high efficacy, other HOSP deterrents may become necessary.
  • Efficacy may vary throughout the year, lowest coming in Summer.
  • Is prepared to remove and "reset" feeding & halo systems if necessary.
A complete guide to best possible Halo success is found on our website HERE. Our final 2022 survey results are below. You may request customer feedback in pdf at:

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