Saturday, July 4, 2020

Latest Testimonials and Feedback, 2020

The reason we strive for results and input is to know our product is a success, but also to have this available for potential buyers -- those considering the purchase of a Magic Halo.

Here is what we collected from our 2020 Survey comments, along with our latest testimonials. We did not include names for privacy reasons. Overall, the results are very positive, considering that House Sparrows (HOSP) are one of -- if not THE most adaptable bird in the world and can learn to overcome almost anything.

We thank all of you, the approx 15% of our customers who participated in the survey.


The Halo absolutely has improved the situation. We previously had gangs of HOSP then after the first halo, zero. Recently (May/June) I returned to a mixed feed to attract a wider range of birds and we have seen HOSP pairs breach the halo. You definitely need to pay attention to both seed choice and halo configuration. Together you can definitely reduce HOSPs.

I purchased the Deluxe version with two additional wires since I had a very bad infestation. I tried it first without the additional wires and some were bypassing. When I added the additional wires, they quit attempting to access the feeder.

I’m very pleased you decided to manufacture this product!!!

The halo eliminated house sparrows off my hanging tube feeder/squirrel proof cage (weight triggered). It also cut down on the sparrows which come to all my feeders. Feeders are in a patio area of 15'x20'. Also stopped grackles and starlings from getting on the feeder. and RWBD still get on but don't stay long. Woodpeckers and Chickadees still come in full force. Halo is a big success!

I do think they are reduced overall. Initially they were greatly reduced but over time, they have figured it out.

I just wanted to let you know how much we love and appreciate the Magic Halo we purchased from you about a year ago. We live in Washington, DC, and I truly thought we were going to have to give up our bird feeders because they were just mobbed by house sparrows all the time and it was so depressing knowing we were feeding them. My husband had basically given up on having bird feeders until I ordered a Magic Halo and I truly cannot believe how well it works. I have never seen a single house sparrow on our feeder, while all the other birds flit happily past the wires. It may be the single most impressive product I have ever bought. Thank you SO MUCH for coming up with this amazing invention.

I must have had 20-30 HOSP per day; filled the bird feeder 3 times each day......found out how stupid I was when I read up on what they do! Now I will see 1 HOSP per every few days or longer. It has made life so much better!!

Works great! Have bought two and they both repel >90% of HOSP. Keep it up!

Although it has very effectively repelled all house sparrows, we are also seeing very few native birds, despite their presence elsewhere in our neighborhood. We're not sure yet if that's the halo, the type of seed, other features of the feeder, etc., so we're going to give it some more time and experiment. We're currently missing the House Sparrows a little because there are no birds to watch!

The product has worked great. Our feed is lasting much longer. Yes you can enter me in the drawing. Thank You!

Magic Halo is a great product and it has held up well through the seasons. The Starling and Squirrel mafias have gotten used to it however and it has gradually become less effective. Still, I am happy to have had it and I think it continues to make some difference.

I was being wiped out by Sparrows. They emptied my large bird feeder daily and shut out other birds from feeding. Since I put in the halo, the Sparrows have disappeared and our native birds are back. Now, if I could only get rid of that rogue squirrel......

The Magic Halo paid for itself in a very short amount of time. I don't have to fill the feeder nearly as often and the other birds have returned.

Wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with our Magic Halo purchase. I've attached a video showing it deterring a house sparrow while a finch dines at the feeder. I have a blog and wrote about it here:

I used it over a bluebird house as sparrow kept moving in. It worked! However, the bluebirds haven't moved in...yet. It might be too early as they haven't moved in to their favorite house location either. BUT the sparrows have been deterred from the one Halo I own.

This was immediately 100% effective. Not one house sparrow has used my main feeder in the 2 weeks since I've been using this. I have gone from having 15-20 house sparrows in my backyard to 3 or 4 (they use my other feeders that don't have halos). This purchase was a last resort for me. Other methods, like switching to safflower, and using cling style feeders, had been ineffective. I'm undecided on whether I would purchase halos for my other feeders, as the house sparrows are down to a reasonable number now, and the halo is a bit unsightly. Maybe one day you could make a slightly more attractive model. Maybe something other than nuts could be used to weigh down the wires. Just an idea. I am overall very happy with the product.

The Magic Halo has been 100% effective in keeping HOSPs off my thistle feeder. Goldfinches, House Finches, Siskins, and Juncos still come to the feeder, but the English Sparrows completely stay away.

It is more than a year now since I attached the Magic Halo to my thistle feeder. I have not had one HOSP on the feeder. Not one, even though there can be as many as 30 on the platform feeder not 20 yards away.

I have two of the halos, when I bought them, the only place I could find them was on eBay. I have five feeders, two halos, so the HOSP still can get to three feeders. Those three feeders are on a Shepherd's hook in the yard. The Halo doesn't fit on it. I would love to see one modified to fit the Shepherd's hook, I could get rid of all the HOSP.

It has worked far better than I had anticipated it would. Totally eliminated my Sparrow problem.

I have noticed a slight dip in all birds to the feeder, but a significant drop in house sparrows. Over all I was happy with my purchase.

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