Thursday, February 4, 2021

Quick Tip: Use a tiny binder clip to shorten hanging wires

Some of our customers have shown an interest in shortening their Magic Halo hanging wires. One customer claims that the weighted ends (hex nuts or bulbous sinkers) must fall even with the feeder trough or lowest station edge in order to work effectively. There is no hard study data making the case for wire length. In fact, in the original U of Neb paper, the "lines" (twine) were not weighted, but instead extended and pinned to the ground below for tension. Given that, we still believe that the weighted ends should fall a few inches below the feeder's lowest point, by preferably 6" or more. But given the subjective nature of feeding birds, and at least one customer's claim, you can always experiment.

If your hanging wires fall well lower than your feeder, there are a few easy methods for shortening them. We recommend "pigtails" using tiny binder clips. Simply wrap the wire around two fingers at the point they connect to the Halo and its crossbar, and clip in place as per the photos (older "Classic" model shown) below. Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance!

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