Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Customers confusing HOSP with native species

We have seen in the past few months that some of our customers are confusing House Sparrows (HOSP) with native bird species. We have had several complaints and even a Halo returned, citing its failure and that it actually encouraged more "sparrows" by providing additional perch space. Subsequent emailed photos revealed that it's not HOSP crowding their feeder, but Pine Siskins (PISI) or House Finches (HOFI).

As a result, we have updated our Disclaimer and Product Pages to better illustrate HOSP and how to identify them. We urge folks to read about the Pine Siskins and what is going on with that species (among others) and why they are suddenly "mobbing" feeders in the U.S.

The above said, we have been up front at all times that the Magic Halo isn't necessarily HOSP-proof. Our position is that it is a deterrent -- a tool in the anti-HOSP toolbox -- and at the very least, it should reduce them at bird feeders. We encourage folks to read our 2020 survey data and customer feedback and draw your own conclusions before buying a Magic Halo. Thank you so much.

(below is courtesy of Bayou City Birding, and can be found HERE in pdf)


  1. I think a picture of a native sparrow next to the invasive hose sparrow would help make it easier for folks to see the difference.? :)

  2. Thanks soooo much for pointing that out. Excellent point. I edited it above, let me know what you think. Take care and feed on! -F